Colosseum Test App

This project is designed for testing Colosseum TestNet and suuports mac, windows, linux operating system. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or discord channel.

  • You’ll need to have Node 14.0.0 or later version on your machine.
    We recommend using the latest LTS version.
  • You can install node.js from the link below.

git clone
cd colosseum-test-app
npm i

  • Open mnemonic.json file and input your mnemonic.
  • Your mnemonic will not be sent to anywhere, Don't worry!

npm run start

ex) /logs/20211126.log
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Colosseum-Test-App for Firmachain Validator
1. Install Node.js
2. Installation
3. Input your mnemonic
4. Run
5. Upload log file on logs folder to discord for firmachain validator.