Usage on FirmaStation

Depending on the browser of your choice, some browsers may not support the Ledger Nano S/X connection. Please check whether the browser of your choice supports Ledger connection.
is support

Once you connect your Ledger wallet to your computer, please enter the pin code to allow access. As you can see in the image below, you must be able to view the downloaded applications in the screen of your Ledger.

You can navigate through the apps by using the two buttons located on the top of the Ledger. Once you choose the FirmaChain app, you can open the application by clicking the two buttons simultaneously.
* As can be seen in the image below, you can see the phrase ‘FirmaChain ready’ in the screen of the Ledger once you enter the FirmaChain app.

Follow the instructions below to login to FirmaStation.

* If you are using the FirmaStation app, this access granting process is unnecessary.

You can check your wallet information or can use FCT for other purposes, which include but are not limited to, sending, delegating, withdrawing-rewards etc.

From the menu bar located on the left of the screen, please select [Accounts]. Once you’ve entered the [Accounts] page, please click [SEND to Address].

  • [Symbol] is the information of the token to be sent. If you issued a token, then you can also send/transfer the issued token.
  • [Send To] is the information of the recipient.
  • [Amount] designates the amount to be sent to the recipient. You can check the maximum transferable amount in the [Available] section. (Transaction fees are not included. Please calculate the transaction fee before sending the token.)
  • You can put in additional information regarding this transaction in the [Memo] section.

Please click on [Sign Ledger].
Once you click on [Sign Ledger], your status remains on standby until your Ledger Nano S/X transaction information is received.

FirmaStation sends a signature request to the connected Ledger Nano S/X. Please check the details of your transaction from your Ledger Nano S/X. If any one of the information is incorrect, please choose ‘reject’ on the last step and try the process again.
* The images below are a brief explanation of the above process.

Once you click on the [Approve] button on your Ledger Nano S/X, you will receive a transaction success message from your browser a few seconds later. The details of your transaction can be seen in the [Accounts] > [Send History] page.

Following is a video that instructs how to use Ledger Nano S/X on FirmaStation.
* If you are going to follow the steps outlined in the video, please make sure you’ve completed the following steps prior to watching the instruction video. 1) Connect your Ledger to your PC. 2) Enter your pin code. 3) Open FirmaChain app.

If you have any issue with your Ledger installation and use station, please join to our community channel and email.
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Before Starting
Connecting Your Ledger to FirmaStation
1. Connect your Ledger waller to the computer.
2. Open the FirmaChain application.
3. Please login to FirmaStation.
Send Balances
1. Accessing from FirmaStation
2. Fill in Send Transaction Information
3. Signing Ledger Nano S/X
4. Check your Ledger Nano Wallet
5. Approve Transaction
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