Recover the chain node


FirmaChain provides a compressed data file that contains the block information up to a certain height. By downloading the compressed data file, you can reduce the time consumed to sync the network.

Download 'data.tar'

cd ~

Verify the Integrity of the Compressed File

In order for you to check whether you have successfully downloaded the compressed file, you must verify the integrity of the file.
sha1sum data.tar


You must decompress the verified data.tar file and must apply the file to the chain.
tar -xvf data.tar
* If the error message “tar: Unexpected EOF in archive” occurs during decompression, please download the compressed data file again.

Moving the Folder

Please delete the existing data directory before executing this step.
rm -rf .firmachain/data
mv data ~/.firmachain/

Start Chain

Once you start the chain, the blocks will accumulate from the backup data and you will be able to expedite your synchronization process.
firmachaind start