This document provides instructions on key ring management. Features such as key add, key list and key delete are offered.

keys add

--coin-type refers to BIP-0044 type tokens. 7777777 refers to FirmaChain officially listed on satoshilabs.

Add account to to Send, Stake or Sign.

firmachaind keys add <keyname> --coin-type 7777777

When you run the command, your wallet address, mnemonic and public key will be displayed. If you want to reconnect your wallet using your mnemonic, you can use the --recover flag.

firmachaind keys add <keyname> --coin-type 7777777 --recover

If you want to add additional accounts using the same mnemonic, use can use the --account flag. You add numbers (0, 1, 2 …) at the end of the flag. If you are not using the --account option, the value will be set to the default value of 0.

firmachaind keys add <keyname> --coin-type 7777777 --account 1

keys list

You can view all the keys registered on the key ring.

firmachaind keys list

keys show

This feature shows the details of a key by the key name or the address.

firmachaind keys show <keyname or address>

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