Installation firmachaind

This document is the FirmaChain binary installation guide. FirmaChain was built using Cosmos SDK that utilizes the tendermint consensus algorithm.

Call binary after building


When joining the FirmaChain network using “Syncing from genesis” you must change the FirmaChain binary into the appropriate version at a certain block height. For information on the appropriate version of binary per block height, please refer to the list below.

Chain ID

Block height

Chain binary version


Genesis ~ 4,805,999


4,806,000 ~ The present


Using ‘git clone’, call the FirmaChain project and access the directory.

git clone
cd firmachain

Please change the branch accorrdingly using the release tag.

# Syncing from genesis
git checkout v0.3.3-patch

# Statesync or Snapshot
git checkout v0.3.5-patch

Build the FirmaChain binary using the following command.

make install

Once you complete the binary build, you can check the installation path and version information using the “firmachaind” command.

which firmachaind
# Expected output. 
# /home/<user>/go/bin/firmachaind

firmachaind version
# The git checkout version information is displayed. 
# v0.3.3-patch or v0.3.5-patch

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