A module developed by the FirmaChain team, Contract allows users to record and search data that is required in order to verify contract data. Contracts recorded on the blockchain network are fundamentally tamper and forgery proof while all contract related information recorded on the network are transparently disclosed to the owners of the contract.


Contract Module, one of FirmaChain’s modules, allows users to record and verify data that is required in order to verify contract related information. When developing a service that requires FirmaChain’s Contract module, please refer to the "firmachain-contract-sample" project disclosed on the FirmaChain’s official Github repository.

* API servers provided by FirmaChain are open to public and therefore are more vulnerable to threats such as traffic increase or outside cyber security attacks. If you wish to develop a more secure service using the FirmaChain API, you can choose to set-up your own LCD. In this case, please refer to the “Run a full node” guide provided in the Validator guide.

  • Record on/offline contract data on the chain network and verify recorded data

  • Data successfully recorded on the chain network are fundamentally tamper and forgery proof and are transparently disclosed (Integrity of recorded data guaranteed)

  • Convenient and effective open API (Sample provided)


The Verify Service was developed on the Contract Module and supports the verification of all contract data recorded on the FirmaChain network. The Verify web service is connected to the mainnet and all finalized contracts on e-contract service "DONUE" are recorded on the FirmaChain mainnet.

* By clicking on “DEMO” from the Verify web service menu, users can get a visual confirmation of recorded data being verified.

  • Verify all recorded contract data through UI instead of having to use API

  • Easily experience the verification process using DEMO


Provides Contract Module specific sample projects and Verification service EndPoints.

Feature Guide


Provides features that allow users to record and search Logs on the chain network.

Users can record and search Files and Texts that are converted to Hash.

Provides the methods to record bulk Log/&File data on the chain network.

Provides additional features required in order to use the Contract module.

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