This document is a user’s guide to Ledger Nano S/X/S Plus. If you are a holder of FirmaChain Token, you can manage your tokens by transferring the tokens to the Ledger Nano hardware wallet through Ledger Live.

* Before using the Ledger Nano hardware wallet, please check whether you have the latest version of Ledger Live (desktop application) and hardware firmware installed.

How to install FIRMACHAIN Ledger app

1. Please connect the Ledger Nano wallet to the computer.

2. After running "Ledger Live", click "My Ledger" in the left tab menu.

3. Please allow access from Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet.

4. Please turn on "Developer Mode" on "Experimental Feature" tab.

5. Search for "FirmaChain" in the "Ledger Live" search window and then "Install".


If you have any issue with your Ledger installation and use station, please join to our community channel and email.

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