Upgrade your node

This document is the FirmaChain binary upgrade guide.

How to upgrade the chain network

When the chain reaches a pre-designated block height the chain comes to a halt by displaying the message below.

ERR UPGRADE "<version>" NEEDED at height: "<height>"
panic: UPGRADE "<version>" NEEDED at height: "<height>"

Please manually delete the chain that came to a halt with the error message.

# using binary
kill -9 firmachaind

# or using system service
sudo systemctl stop firmachain

Build the binary after changing the branch that corresponds to the appropriate version.

Please check this document if you do not have the FirmaChain directory.

cd firmachain
git checkout <version>
make install

Finally, you can start the syncing process

firmachaind start

If you face any problem during the upgrade, please contact us at contact@firmachain.org.

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