This document is a how-to-guide on joining the FirmaChain network using ‘Sanpshot’. * Please note that we do not provide testnet snapshots.

List of networks provided

Please refer to the genesis file, the seed and the github link.








Initialize the firmachain

Initialize nodes and designate the moniker name.

firmachaind init <moniker-name> --chain-id <chain-id>

Rename the moniker

Before activating the chain, you can modify the moniker field in the ~/.firmachain/config/config.toml to change the name of the node.

vim .firmachain/config/config.toml

# A custom human readable name for this node
moniker = "<moniker-name>"

Setup minimum gas prices

Modify the minimum gas fee.

sed -i 's/minimum-gas-prices = "0stake"/minimum-gas-prices = "0.01ufct"/g' ~/.firmachain/config/app.toml

Set seeds

FirmaChain discloses information on seed nodes for the purpose of P2P connection.

# Mainnet
sed -i.bak -e "s/^seeds *=.*/seeds = \",,\"/" ~/.firmachain/config/config.toml

Download genesis.json file

After downloading the mainnet genesis.json file, swap the file with ~/.firmachain/config/genesis.json.

# Mainnet genesis.json
wget -O ~/.firmachain/config/genesis.json

Download Snapshot file

Download the snapshot file using the following command.

wget -O ~/.firmachain/data/firmachain.tar

Please unzip the file using the command below after downloading the file.

tar -xvf ~/.firmachain/data/firmachain.tar

Syncing node

Once you’ve successfully unzipped the file, please activate the FirmaChain node using the command below.

firmachaind start


You can start firmachain using Cosmovisor or System Daemon.

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