This document provides the minimum hardware specifications and service port information required in order to join the FirmaChain network.

Hardware requirements

Following are the required hardware specifications to run FirmaChain.

  • Disk storage

  • CPU & RAM

  • PORT

  • Increase maximum open files

Details of the respective specifications and information are provided below.

Disk storage

Disk space depends on the pruning strategy of your choice.

There are four strategies for pruning state. These strategies apply only to state and do not apply to block storage. To set pruning, adjust the pruning parameter in the ~/.firmachain/config/app.toml file. The following pruning state settings are available:

  1. everything: Prune all saved states other than the current state.

  2. nothing: Save all states and delete nothing.

  3. default: Save the last 100 states and the state of every 10,000th block.

  4. custom: Specify pruning settings with the pruning-keep-recent, pruning-keep-every, and pruning-interval parameters.

Pruning strategy Minimum disk spaceRecommended disk space


20 GB

40 GB


80 GB

120 GB


120 GB

> 240 GB

By default, every node is in default mode which is the recommended setting for most environments.


Apart from disk space, the following requirements should be met.

Minimum CPU coresRecommended CPU cores



Minimum RAMRecommended RAM

4 GB

8 GB

Service ports

Required Ports to Open:

  • 26656 : Listen for incoming peer connections.

Additional Optional Ports:

  • 22 : Port for SSH access.

  • 1317 : Address of REST/API endpoint of the chain.

  • 26657 : Address of RPC endpoint of the chain.

Increase maximum open files

In general, most operating systems limit the maximum number of files that can be opened. (The document was written based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and the default value of this OS is 1024.) However, if you open /etc/security/limits.conf and modify the value as can be seen in the code below, you can raise the limit of the nofile feature

*                soft    nofile          65535
*                hard    nofile          65535

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