Edit a validator

This document provides information on how to modify the information of a registered Validator.

staking edit-validator

The --from flag used to identify a Validator must use the registered <keyname> of the Validator.

You can modify information such as the name of the node, commission rate, node description etc. If a flag is not included in the flag, it will be set to the default value or to the pre-set value.

firmachaind tx staking edit-validator \
--moniker <moniker-name> \
--website <website-url> \
--security-contact <email-address> \
--details <validator-optional-details> \
--commission-rate <commission-rate(0.05 ~ 1.00)> \
--commission-max-rate <commission-max-rate(0.01 ~ 1.00)> \
--commission-max-change-rate <commission-max-change-rate(0.01 ~ 1.00)> \
--identity <keybase-64bit-code> \
--fees 20000ufct \
--chain-id <chain-id> \
--from <keyname>

Please check the following link in order for more information on the parameters.

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