Ways 1. Build from Official Github

You can easily build a binary for your operating system using the command below.

build binary

# The installation of go, gcc and make are required in order to continue with the build.
# (If you have them already installed, you can skip this process)
> sudo snap install go --classic
> sudo apt install gcc
> sudo apt-get install make
# Binary build
> git clone
> cd firmachain
> git checkout v0.3.3-patch
> make install
> sudo mv ~/go/bin/firmachaind /usr/local/bin/firmachaind

check version

firmachaind version --long
name: Firmachain
server_name: firmachaind
version: 0.3.3-6bcd9e15
commit: 6bcd9e15407f5207e8a2d03e6488301aecb9f98b
cosmos_sdk_version: v0.44.5-patch

Ways 2. Download from Github Release page

You can download a prebuilt binary from the link below.
Select, download and unzip a binary that suits your OS. Please confirm whether you’ve downloaded the correct version, using the method provided in Ways 1.