You can easily download a pre-built binary for your operating system using the command below.

# On Bash
curl | bash
sudo mv ./firmachaind /usr/local/bin/firmachaind

firmachaind version
firmachaind version --long
name: Firmachain
server_name: firmachaind
version: 0.3.3
commit: 9df9ce421987823a94259bee257e436ba4562c3b
cosmos_sdk_version: v0.44.5
sha1sum /usr/local/bin/firmachaind
14cfd7a09d4d53293f07c65fbf7b9032140a0da6 firmachaind

You can download a prebuilt binary from the link below.​​​
Select, download and unzip a binary that suits your OS. Please confirm whether you’ve downloaded the correct version, using the method provided in Ways 1.
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Ways 1. Install FirmaChain from pre-built binary by curl
Ways 2. Download from Github Release page